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Summary: London North Eastern Railway (LNER) is a British rail operator. It is owned by DfT OLR Holdings on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT). The company’s name echoes that of the London and North Eastern Railway, one of the four major companies that operated between 1923 and 1948. In June 2018, LNER took over the InterCity East Coast franchise, after the previous private operator, Virgin Trains East Coast (VTEC), returned it to the government following ongoing financial difficulties. In the UK, in the event of problems with a franchise, an Operator of Last Resort (OLR) was available to take over the operation. This is the case of LNER which, since the disappearance of the franchise system, now manages all the mainline trains between London, York, Newcastle and Edinburgh. LNER is one of the operators that have purchased new rolling stock.

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In brief

Regular routes
➤ London King Cross – Doncaster – Leeds – Harrogate / Skipton / Bradford
➤ London King Cross – Doncaster – York – Middlesbrough
➤ London King Cross – Doncaster – York – Newcastle – Suderland
➤ London King Cross – Doncaster – York – Newcastle – Edinburgh – Aberdeen / Inverness / Glasgow

Rolling stock (past and present)

Intercity 125 (†)
BR workshops Crewe and Derby
1976 – 2019

HST 125s are a railway icon from Great Britain, and British Rail in particular. A success story that explains their longevity and the fact that, for a short period between 2018 and 2019, LNER had to operate them before switching to all-electric trainsets as shown bellow.

Intercity 225
BREL, GEC-Alsthom, Metro-Cammell
1988/1991 – …

The InterCity 225 is an electric push-pull train comprising a Class 91 electric locomotive, nine Mark 4 coaches and a Driving Van Trailer (DVT). Designed to operate at up to 225 km/h, they are in fact limited to 200 km/h. Introduced for intercity services on ECML, LNER inherited all 31 but had no intentions to retain any of the InterCity 225 sets due to high maintenance costs.

AT300 Azuma Class 800/1 + 800/2
2015 – …

The British Class 800, branded as Azuma on the ECML route, is a part of the Hitachi AT300 product family. It is a bi-mode multiple unit train which can use both overhead electric wires and also has diesel generators to operate on unelectrified track. 23 trainsets from Class 800/1 and 800/2 run for LNER.

AT300 Azuma Class 801/1 + 801/2
2017 – …

The Class 801 Azuma is a class built by Hitachi Rail for LNER. The units have been in use on East Coast Main Line services since november 2019, as part of the Hitachi AT300 product family. 42 trainsets were ordered and replace gradually the Intercity 225. Unlike Class 800, Class 801 runs only under catenary.


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